The smart way to make payments and BE SAFE...

How it Works

Payonhold is a payment option that allows individuals and corporate organizations to pay for goods and services without worrying about losing their money as they are in complete control of their transactions. Payonhold works in a very simple yet effective way - The buyer is able to create a transaction on the platform and keep track of his/her payment until goods or services are delivered as agreed. After a successful delivery, the buyer goes to their transaction page and click the 'Release' botton and payments is instantly released to the seller and ready for withdrawals.

In cases where goods/services are not delivered as agreed, the buyer simple go to their transaction page and 'Report' that transaction which automatically sends a chat message to Payonhold as well as the seller. The buyer and the seller can settle disputes via our inbuilt chat system and come to a resolution and close the deal.

At Payonhold, sellers are also protected, as their payments are held by the platform and ready to be released when they deliver. The payonhold platform is fully automated and holds fund until both buyer meets their terms. It is the best way a seller is guaranteed of payments while a buyer is also guaranteed that goods/services will be delivered.

4 Steps to a Happy Transaction



Buyer & Seller Agree Terms

The buyer and the seller agree on the terms of a particular transaction. Which could involve specification of an item in terms of quality, duration, delivery condition etc.



Buyer Transfers Payment

The buyer creates the transaction and sends payment to the seller using the seller's payment handle. The seller is notified of the payment but can only make withdrawals when they deliver and the buyer releases the payment..



Seller Delivers

The Seller fulfils their part of the bargain by delivering the agreed product or service in the exact quality and duration agreed by both parties.



Payment Released

The Buyer once they have received their product and are satisfied with the product delivered, then releases the payment and the seller instantly gets notified by SMS and Email when the payment is released.